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Fat Girls 02 Mar 2015

|Helping Out The Help|http://www.pornmegaload.com/modeldir/data/posting/44/707/posting_44707_x_xl.jpg|Valentina is a Nicaraguan who lives part of the time in the United States. She's fixing up her apartment in this video, and recruited some dude to help her.

"I knew I was going to fuck the guy who came over, but I had no idea that I was going to strip and masturbate for him! We were joking around and he commented that I'd better take my white shirt off before I got paint on it. I didn't hesitate. I ripped that shirt right off! He was shocked, but he kept his camera out. I wanted to fuck him right then, but he told me to keep going by myself. It was really hot."

Oh, and in case you're wondering about her back tattoo, Valentina gave us the scoop. "My tattoo is a scene from the mountains in Nicaragua. It's a little piece of home. Some guys don't like it, but I don't care. I think it makes me look sexy."

We like it, Valentina. It gives you character!


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Fat Girls 02 Mar 2015

|Bad Bad Teacher|http://www.xlgirls.com/modeldir/data/posting/40/042/posting_40042_x_xl.jpg|Enjoy Nikky Wilder as the blonde with big boobs and a sexy personality delves into her erotic fantasies and erotic experiences and then transforms into the Bad Bad Teacher right before you. She is one horny minx. Sex is a huge part of her life. How does she treat her boyfriends? What does she like to do with her lovers? Find out.

Bad teachers are good teachers. Nikky will show you what a bad teacher is all about. Nikky likes being bad. And that's good. She needs to express her badness and that's what XLGirls is for. To give bad girls like Nikky a good environment to act out her bad self and give every dude who sees her massive boners. She is proud of making men hard. Because she is a good girl.

First, Nikky shows her tits, pussy and butthole. Then she shows how she sucks cock using different-sized dildos. Then she fucks one of the studs in "First Time Dick Dancing," her first-ever XXX scene. She'll be back soon to fuck some more. Because bad teachers have a lot to teach.

"I love being on my knees," Nikky wrote in her biography. She didn't mean gardening by that revelation. "I have sex almost every day. I love a good, hard pounding from behind until I'm all gooey. I love having my neck kissed, licked and bitten." That's how a teacher talks? On this campus, it is!

Wild, wild Nikky Wilder. Bad, bad teacher!


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|Nancy's Breast Growth Spurt|http://www.scoreland.com/modeldir/data/posting/40/483/posting_40483_x_xl.jpg|Nancy Navarro had a killer body when she originally posed at SCORELAND. Nancy knows she has a killer body but she's one of those girls who doesn't like to flaunt it in public, especially in New York City.

When she rides the subway to work, Nancy said she "tries not to sit down because if I'm sitting down, you get to see the cleavage. That's the best view, I imagine. So I'll be sitting down and I can feel them watching and I'm like, 'Well, enjoy, I guess.'"

But when she's at the SCORE Studio, she's a different girl.

When Nancy sent in some new homemade selfies of herself because she wanted to model some more, shock set in as the staff stared at them in amazement. Nancy looked the same but her breasts had grown...substantially. Close to three cup sizes by our estimate. No time was wasted booking her jet ticket. Now her body is even more killer.

This video and the matching photos are so fresh, they're still wet, so to speak. That's how fast we wanted to show you the new Nancy.

The last time Nancy was here, she said "My interest in modeling started with me wanting to get it out of my system, but I don't know. Let's see if my boobs are really all that. It would be a one time thing. I guess it depends on how much the guys like me."

But as you can see, once is not enough, especially with a breast growth spurt!



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