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|Savannah Makes Sweet Music||"I once had sex with a 21-year-old guy who bought me a drink at my favorite local bar," said 44-year-old Savannah Steele. "After two drinks and a few shots, he started rubbing my leg and worked his way up my skirt, sliding a finger into my wet pussy. I yelled for the check right then and made him follow me home. We lost all our clothes before even making it to the bedroom. We were making out and groping each other and ripping our clothes off in the kitchen, living room and hallway. Once we got to the bedroom, we had the most amazing sex ever. Both of us had multiple orgasms, and he told me that was the best sex he'd ever had. I'd say it was probably one of my best times, too."

Savannah, who's a mother of two teenagers, isn't fucking a 21-year-old in this video. She's fucking a 25-year-old. His name is Rocky, and when the scene opens, he's sitting on a couch and playing guitar. Not very well, we should point out. Savannah seems turned on. She must not be listening to what he's playing. She must be thinking about his cock.

"Why don't you put that down," Savannah says.

"It doesn't work very well," Rocky says.

But his cock does, and Savannah gets what she wants: cock. And Rocky not playing guitar.


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|Catt & Beverly's Big Tit Tug Adventure||Catt Green is a sexy redhead with huge, all-natural tits. Beverly Paige is a sexy brunette with huge, all-natural tits. For some reason, there are no female super-heroine teams. So SCORELAND has decided to create its own super-heroine teams, minus the costumes because we don't want their boobs covered up. They are here to lend you a hand. Or two. Enter Beverly and Catt, the pillow fighters. They're bouncing on the bed socking each other with pillows and they are very good at it. It's a giggly, girl thing. Beverly is wearing a tight tank top. Catt is wearing a low-cut nightie. Their big boobs bounce as they batter their bods. Beverly decides to call for a walking dildo and extend the fun and games. Catt is game for this. "Wait 'til you see his dick," Beverly declares, as they resume bopping each other with pillows. Enter the cock-man. (Which is YOU since this video is POV.) The girls begin round two of their pillow pugilism while you lay back and enjoy the view. Their tits come out to play too, bobbing and swinging wildly, free of their loose-fitting clothes. What a pair! Laughing and excited, Beverly and Catt pull your pants and briefs off so they can get to what they want. Your dick in their soft palms and between their cleavage-pussy. You're as hard as a pipe immediately. Beverly rubs some lube on Catt's knockers. She makes sure every millimeter of skin is covered. She saturates her own gorgeous tits also, the better to slide you between the slippery slopes. Then it's all hands on dick! They go town on your boner, yanking it, rubbing their breastflesh all over it, rubbing the balls, giving it their outmost attention, two happy, heavy-hanging handmaidens eager to make your boner burp nut nectar. Welcome to hooter heaven courtesy of Catt Green and Beverly Paige!


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|School's Out||School's out for Miss Jennica Lynn and now she can knock us out like she always does in this after-class special. "I was always the bustiest girl in school when I was growing up in Sweden," Jennica reveals, and we'll bet that she was the envy of her classmates and the center of attention with her dedicated teachers.

Jennica should have given that apple to one of her favorite professors at the university but who's to say she can't take it back with her in her book bag and rub it all over her body instead of eating it?

Piece by piece, Jennica's sexy-coed uniform is tossed aside to reveal the incredible figure that's earned her a Student Body #1 Award both at XLGirls and her school. Hot clothing removed, Jennica spanks one out instead of studying. She knows everything about anatomy anyway. It's too hot in paradise after her spanky session and Jennica must cool off after baking her cookie. She takes off her socks and shoes and wets her body down with a nearby hose, the cold water making her nipples hard. All done, Jennica walks back into the house. What's she going to do when she gets inside? Crack her books?


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|Posing For A Hosing||The idea here is that you're a painter and Candy is your model. Your art, of course, is your obsession. You devote every waking minute to thinking about it, talking about it and doing it. Nothing can distract you. Or so you thought. The agency sent over a new figure model. She has big tits and blowjob lips. Her name is Candy. Candy Manson. And, yes, although your art is your life, when she gets on all fours and wiggles her naked ass in the air, you could swear that she's offering it to you. So, you face the facts: art or fucking. Chicks to draw? They're a dime a dozen. Babes like Candy to fuck? They don't come around too often. So you drop your paintbrush and get busy with the real work of the afternoon: Groping the model's tits and spreading her ass. Fucking her tight pussy in a variety of positions, some of them even artistic. But then comes the real artistic question: Should you use your cum to paint her face or her tits. Hey, you're a boob man. Easy question.


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