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BBW 11 Apr 2015

|Epic Sex||In the understatement of the year, Amerie Thomas asks, "Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to stick your cock between my tits?" Amerie sinks her fingers into her soft breast flesh as she says this, staring at you. Only a crazy man would say no to this succulent redhead.

Rubino is glued to Amerie's ample ass, rubbing her well-cushioned cheeks as she says this. His hands reach up to touch her big tits. He stands to sink his face into her great divide. A man can get lost between Amerie's boobs. Amerie's tits are jiggled and squeezed, her nipples licked and sucked.

They climb into bed. He pulls his pants down so Amerie can get down on his joint and get to sucking it. Amerie is a verbal blow job artist, adding lip-smacking and other sounds of satisfaction as her mouth does its magic. This always adds to the excitement. His pole immediately stiffens, ready for a visit inside her pussy.

Before that happens, Amerie wants to tit-fuck him. She wraps her hot hooters around his cock, then sucks him some more. What's a tit-fuck without the girl beneath you on her back? Amerie lays back for a boob-banger.

"It's time to fuck that pussy," Amerie's booty call whispers. Their epic sex continues. They get it on, hard, fast and pounding. The bed holds up but from all the bouncing going on, it seems more like a trampoline! What a piece of ass! Thank you, Amerie Thomas.


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|Tropic Titillation||It's great to have Valory Irene back at SCORELAND. She will explain in English why her shirt in this photo-set and video is so comfortable, especially in tropical weather. That accent is killer-sexy. A guy could sprawl out on the couch and listen to Valory read stories to him all day. She's true girlfriend material.

"My breasts are breathing," soft-spoken Valory says, playing with the front of her shirt. "It's perfect for them, this T-shirt. They love this T-shirt."

Valory's panties are also very unique. A girl can stay horny all day in them. What will these panty manufacturers think of next? No one would ever know unless she wore a mini-skirt and bent over. Which Valory does here as she gyrates and grinds her way back into your hearts.


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