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Big Boobs 08 Apr 2015

|Valory's Poolside Lingerie Show||In Valory's second video for, the fantasy girl-next-door shows you her mouthwatering slim-n-stacked bod, dances, jiggles and shares the love. Some of the world's greatest big-boobed girls have been discovered by SCORE Guys who share the breast obsession and fixation. One of them spotted Valory while going about his business. He could have just drooled and watched her go by. We all have done that. But this Boob Brother walked over to her, introduced himself and started talking to her about modeling for SCORE. He was that confident that Valory had the right stuff and he was right. After meeting her, we signed her to a modeling contract and our friend earned a finder's fee for his valiant efforts. Valory still lives at home with her family. She always like to look perfect. She won't even wear flip-flops, only heels. She will always wear low-cut tops and dresses. Her voice is very girly and feminine. She's had sex but doesn't have a boyfriend and is really a shy girl. She loves '80's disco, dog, cats and Hollywood movies. She is perfect from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Stay tuned for more Valory videos on SCOREVideos. SCORELAND and SCOREVideos are the only places to see Valory's videos.


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|Muy Grande||Muy Grande will have two meanings in this SCOREVideos scene with new sweater-stretcher Marisa Carlo. Marisa is a big-busted 46 year-old Latina sex-bomb. Born in Mexico and living in Los Angeles, Marisa is a real-life wife and mom. She made her on-camera debut at Now here she is for more of the gringo dick in every fucking hole.

Marisa's English is limited but she knows that the special language of her large tits, pussy and mouth is loud and clear to horny men of any nationality. Marisa is not a swinger or a nudist. But put her in front of a camera with a porn stud and she becomes a slutty cock-craver who loves the hard bone deep inside her Mexican taco. The harder she's fucked, the more she wants it. Her body is hot for a 46 year-old. It must be all those sex work-outs she gets. She also says she likes playing basketball and volleyball. That must be a sight to see!

Tony Rubino is trying to learn Spanish and Marisa is helping him. Her cleavage is spilling out of her blouse and distracting him. Her invitation could not be more to the point, or in this case, points. She gets up in his face and he dives in, sucking on her very prominent nipples. Her nips are encircled by large, very dark areolae. Impressive!

Marisa drops to her knees to suck and jerk Tony's meat. There's plenty of deep cleavage to fuck and Tony takes advantage. This Mexican MILF is a cock smoker with blow job lips. She talks dirty in Spanish as he starts fucking her dripping wet pussy. Why do chicks talking in Spanish when they fuck always sound hotter than other women? She calls him "Papi" or "daddy" as he plugs her. Latinas always call their fuck partners by that name. If a Latina calls you "Papi," you are in, man.

Marisa quietly admits to Tony that she also likes a dick in her culo. In her asshole. That little ass is in great shape. Tiny for a Latina, tight and smooth-skinned. He puts Marisa on her side and slides his cock into her winky. As he pumps her tight asshole, Marisa moans "Grande."

The Spanish lesson has been forgotten as Tony gets a much better kind of Spanish lesson by an older chick with "Muy Grande" tits!


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|Hot Cream For A Rookie Cookie||Kris Kelly was very chatty and revealing in her debut, talking on video about sex, her interests and her background. Now in her very first XXX hardcore guy-girl scene, Kris is just as revealing but a lot less chatty as her fuck friend sucks on her nipples, buries his face between Kris' big boobs and fondles her between her legs while they hang on the couch. Some women are talkers when they get fucked. Others are more the moaning types.

Kris wants to suck his dick and goes down, sucking and jacking her flesh and blood cock-toy. Kris likes to suck slowly and erotically, licking the head. James stands up and feeds Kris, making her cheek bulge as his shaft fucks her mouth.

Kris gets on her back so James can slide his pole through her cleavage valley. He parts Kris's legs and slips his cock from her tits into her wet pussy. Their fuck begins and James pumps Kris hard and fast from beginning to end. With one mighty thrust, James unloads his load deep inside a moaning Kris. When he withdraws, Kris squeezes out his jam with grinding pelvic contractions. A well-mannered lady, Kris thanks him for his gift of hot spunk.


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|Workout||One of the truly great pleasures in life is to crack open a few pints, light up a cigarette and lean back to watch a busty naked girl train at the gym. We can't recommend this enough. Every man should try this. In fact, the camera operator went through a pack of smokes and a six-pack of beer photographing Kerry Marie at a home gym. He was totally knackered by the time Kerry began her running-in-place exercise. Kerry herself felt great



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