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Fat Girls 30 Apr 2015

|Happy Bangin' Boob Year||Bostonian bra-buster Cat Bangles is ready, eager and hot to start things off with her own big bang theory. Dressed to impress in her party outfit, a very low-cut top open to the waist and a tight skirt, the Cat dances for her audience of one. Her sexy moves are very inspirational. The first thing they inspire is a giant hard-on. As Cat dances and bends over, her skirt rides up, baring her beautiful ass cheeks.

Her party date moves in for the thrill. Cat is ready to give Tony D. the best time a man could get. They share the erotic licking of the Cat's nipples, sending a tingle through her body. Her lips are eager to wrap around his tool. As she sucks him off, her saliva flows out of her mouth. Cat's slurping, wet and messy blow jobs are fantastic.

"I'm very flexible...and I have next to no gag reflex," Cat says and that's not mere boasting. Cat can swallow the biggest cocks and suck so hard, she could come close to actually vacuuming the cum out of your fucking balls.

Cat and Tony get comfy and into a 69 position. As Cat pulls and licks his pole, Tony spreads and tongue-fucks Cat's pierced pussycat. This gets Cat purring and moaning from the intense pleasure.

Facing the camera, Cat straddles Tony and yanks his crank some more. She leans back, no easy feat in her high heels. Bringing his arm around her body, Tony finger-flicks Cat's bean quickly, exciting her even more. She licks her fingers and rubs them on his cock, preparing it for entry into her wet chocha.

Cat helps Tony slide his cock in. His shaft parts her pussy lips and begins thrusting in and out as Cat fingers her pierced clit-hood. Fucking Cat slowly at first, Tony speeds it up, Cat adding her own hip moves to their dirty dancing. This Cat is in heat and eager for more.

Happy banging boob year, Miss Bangles!


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Big Boobs 30 Apr 2015



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Fat Girls 30 Apr 2015

|Rooftop Rack Show||New SCORELAND model Casey Deluxe (February '15 SCORE magazine) surveys the city of Brno from a rooftop and, with all due respect to this lovely historic Czech city, the view of Casey is more thrilling.

If this were New York City or Chicago, an uptight citizen with high-powered binoculars would have probably complained when the ivory-skinned blonde lowered her bikini top and kept her big tits hanging out. But life is more laid back in Europe, especially when it comes to nudie cuties like Casey.

Casey sucks on some local brand of creamsicle on a stick. Her tongue, lips and the overhead sun work to melt it. The gooey goodness drips all over her slim and stacked body making her chest sticky. And that's good because this pretty German is very stickable.

Casey walks over to a hidden section of the roof to play with her big boobs, then says she needs a shower so she heads down to the apartment where she'll rinse off while we watch. Casey is generous and likes to share!


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Fat Girls 30 Apr 2015

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BBW 30 Apr 2015

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BBW 30 Apr 2015

|Secretary of Bust||It's difficult to believe that Dulcinea had never modeled because her moves on-camera at XL Girls are so smooth, you'd think she has lots of experience being photographed. The lens loves her, and Dulcinea loves the lens.

"The most-fun thing I've ever done is what I do now: being a cam girl," says Dulcinea, who in this video shows us what she does on-camera.

A beautiful face, big boobs that measure an astounding 36HH, a juicy pussy and a body that freezes you in your wonder visions of Dulcinea drove Don Quixote bonkers. The brunette hottie is girlfriend material.

"I began to develop at nine," she says. "Now I order my bras from the UK because I know my size and have not found a shop that carries it. I like lacey, embroidered bras. If I'm going out, I like to wear V-neck tops to show ample cleavage."

Very little work gets done at her desk. It's all play for Dulcinea today!


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BBW 30 Apr 2015

Janessa Loren


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Big Boobs 30 Apr 2015

|Lizzie Mills||Lizzie Mills was an exotic dancer at Pure Platinum in Columbus, Ohio when SCORE shot this love-doll of the future video (on DVD in Busty Dildo Lovers 5).

"I dance mostly on weekends," said Lizzie at the time. "There's lap dancing with boobs in the face, but no grinding. Plus, we have shower shows where a guy sits in a chair, and a girl is in a shower for him. It gets real interesting when there is more than one girl in there at the same time. I've been in there with five girls at one time."

Lizzie the perfect little busty love robot is dressed in a see-through doll dress and stripper heels. Lizzie comes packed in a cellophane-wrapped doll box. It comes with cream for her big boobs and a vibrator, batteries not included.

Lizzie's pussy was shaved and pierced. "I just think it's sexy and hot," Lizzie said. "I don't think a lot of piercings are sexy. If you just have one or two, OK. I used to have my tongue pierced, but I took that out."

A perfect gift for Xmas. If you could buy one....


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